Barcode Reader with Wireless Charge

Barcode Reader with Wireless Charge

Rs. 21000/=

This ia a premium product for people who looks to replace Motorola or Honeywell brands without scarifying the quality and elegance. The design is so beautiful and it will give you that wow factor.

Under it's beautiful skin the scanner is powered by a 32bit processor and 4MB of internal memory for high performances. More to it 650nnm laser is bright and sharp so it can scan even if the barcode you scan is poor on quality.

Getting error while scanning on this scanner is almost none, it is less than 1/5 million. The scanner comes with a dock which can hold your scanner as a stand and charge the scanner while lying on the dock.

Setting up the scanner is very easy, all you have to do is connect the Dock to the USB port on your computer. That's all, all other settings will be handled by the dock automatically without any complexity.